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Mai Kungkran (now Meyers) grew up in a suburb of Bangkok, Thailand, and attended school at a local Buddhist temple.  While living near Bangkok, Mai learned traditional, "home style" Thai cooking from her father.  At the age of 18, Mai married an American Soldier and moved to the United States.  Mai struggled through learning American ways and the English language but was fortunate enough to have assistance through local community services in Louisville.  After holding several jobs, Mai decided to use her cooking skills to provide her income.  Mai's first shop was in a small grocery store in Louisville where she cooked until the grocery store closed down.  Mai then opened her present establishment on 10th Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 


Over the years, Mai has donated over $20,000 to the temple where she attended school in Bangkok to have it restored to its original condition.  The temple's renovation is now finished and is a beautiful landmark in her native homeland. 


The Courier Journal article in the restaurant contains a part of her amazing story.  Other articles are also posted in her restaurant that contain details of her life, her restaurant, and her excellent, home-style cooking.  Many beautiful pictures of Thailand can be found under glass on each table in her dining area. 

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